Thursday, August 21, 2008

apPEARances matter

Last week Friday seems like an eternity ago. Our clan had juggled flight schedules to accomodate the demands of employment, and we found ourselves on set for a rigorous day of filming.

In the unique position I am in, caring for both autonomous teens and a nursing infant, I often hold the balance of the two by the skin of my teeth. (Not to worry, however, as SuperMomsRUs renewed my license.) What exactly does one do, you ask, with a baby on location whilst big brother is filming?

The obvious answer?

Feed him.

Yes, Keller was the picture of perfect babyhood, and I? I was launched into the role of patron saint of Momdom, by mere association.

Not only did Keller behave incredibly well, but he was easily deterred from any loud, obnoxious baby behaviors (read: crying) by simply passing the platter.

While we spanned the hours in the little corner of the cubicle on wheels, the L'il Man partook in the highest delicacies offered. His favorite by far, though, was the pear half his size, and juicy to boot!

His decision to eat the pear without the help of Mom slicing and dicing, managed to secure the attention of the administrative staff, also sharing space on the little cubicle on wheels.

Keller took this as his cue to do nothing more than entertain them, thereby reducing their stress levels.

Yes, it is my estimation that company morale was lifted that day. My concerns that the baby would be a deterrent to successful completion of the project melted as Keller was embraced among all: from the Producer, to the Director, to the Cook, to the Cable Crew. Deemed the new mascot, I daresay the staff will remember the baby with the pear for many, many projects to come.

Heck. Keller might even secure himself a side job. Who knows?

Mascot, anyone?


Annette said...

Too cute. I can only imagine his joy at bitting that big pear. Eloquently written.

Sharon (sk) said...

He is so precious! I love this post, I can just picture it all. :)

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