Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beauty Defined

Someone pinch me.

My eyes behold a beauty that takes my breath away:

Can it really be? My daughter has been dna-wired with a love for horses, just like her Mom? How has this fact escaped my knowledge? How did I miss it?

She's harnessed it, just the same.

My heart soars as I see the grace and beauty, the form with which she rides. I see me in her.

I"m living vicariously through these photos, Choosers.

Longing for the moment when I'll meet that handsome steed nose to nose, and share grooming tools with my daughter side by side.


Mia's Mom said...

The pix are gorgeous! Mia wants to know what the horses name is? Mia and Josiah LOVE riding at Stacey's house. They ride Popeye. Miss you all tons!!!!!!!!!

Traci said...

She is a beauty!

gilSilvers said...

Very handsome! Horse's name is Zeke.

Andrea said...



(and I am now officially stalking my TV to see Isreal!)


Beth said...


Annette said...

So beautiful! My 6 yr old dd is also dna-wired to love horses and has since she was 9 months old. She has a gorgeous 3 story doll house that stables 75 of her play horses. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely pictures.

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