Thursday, March 20, 2008

Konversation Korner: Kareening Karriage

"Hey Keller! Here we are, in historic French Quarter New Orleans, in this mule-drawn carriage - and it's goin' so slow! Let's highjack it, and really make this thing roll!" said Keeton, with a gleem in his eye.

"Whaaaa?? What did you just say, Keeton??? {gasp!} My gosh ~ that's . . .that's a naughty thing to do!" said Keller, dumbfounded.
Keller continues: "Keeton! Get a hold of yourself! We MUSTN'T highjack this rig! We're certain to receive retribution for our criminal activity!"

"Ah, shucks, Keller ~ I was just havin' a little fun with ya! A little mischievousness is all . . .if you feel that strongly about it, ah, heck. I give. No takin' over the cart. Will you forgive me?"

Keller is not fully convinced: "Well . . .let me consider that a minute. Do you promise? You'll be good? No stealin' horses? Well . . .okay. I forgive you, Keeton."

"Whew! Thanks, Keller! I'm feeling better already! Now, how can we convince our mom's that we need a fresh order of beniets??"


gilSilvers said...

Let me assure you, dear reader, that Keller the KauKajun telepathed beignets and not beniets -- which happens to be the unintelligible rendering of the Frenchy-fried dough of certain Nebraskans while under the influence of White Merlot. I'm just thankful they weren't craving andouille.

missplacedalaskan said...

So sweet!
You gotta watch that slightly older "K" boy! He has some mischief in him! Keller will keep him on the "high" road though.

D said...

um, excuse me... are you sitting on my sunglasses? ;) lol

Dawn said...

They are too cute. Glad you had an incredible adventure.

gilSilvers said...

d, are these your sunglasses?

Miss Monica said...

Those boys are such cutie patooties!!! I can't believe big they're getting.

Tim & Richelle said...

Wow, Angi - they are just gorgeous! And they are growing so fast. You are so blessed. :-)

Joyce said...

Yeah for KBoyz!!

Hiya cuties!!

Oh Joy! said...

It's interesting seeing these pics because I think it reflects their personality. Keeton seems like a fun loving outgoing lil guy that has a mischievous spark to his eyes... whereas Keller appears to be more serious - more thoughtful. I can't help but wonder if Keller is going to analyze Keeton's ideas and weigh the pro and cons of it.

D said...

gil - my heart started beating wildly as I clicked the link and thought....could it be that gil, the one known for uber great feats of strength, has found said-such disappearing sunglasses for moi?

and, then....oh.


while not mine, I peered at them from many angles with curiosity.

nope. not mine. shoot!

but...had a thought. Yeah, I think ya might look good in them during your next Hollywood trip! ha lol

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