Friday, March 21, 2008

I Suppose I'll Work Backwards

Ya'll are a [delightfully] demanding bunch! I fired up the last episode of Konversation Korner with a smile in my heart. It is one thing to be enamored of my own accord about these boys, and the little captions their interactions draw from me . . .quite another to find I'm not alone in marvelling over them! Thank you for sharing in my joy!

Meanwhile, I see I've got to satisfy the whole lot of ya! [spoken in my bestest pirate growl] . . .but I don't mind. I just needed. some. direction. people.!! LOL

So, get ready! Another suprise contest today ~ the most recent podcast was such a hit that I'll zip out another [the next in the series] to each person who guesses correctly the mystery: of which I'll get to in a moment!

At the tail end of my whirlwind trip/guest/guest/conference/LA stint was an annual event that my husband and I attend each year. We've always taken it as more of a weekend away from it all, with a meeting or two for the GilGuy squished in between. Last year, my looming large preg-O-nant body spent the majority of the day unusually enamored with the television in the hotel room. Watching (of all things) unsolved mystery-type documentaries of women who've done in their hubbies. (egads!) But, I digress. It was an unusual season of life for me.

This year, however, turned into a whole new deal, with that largely looming belly of mine having produced, of all things, a human specimen that we call our son. It would be interesting to note just exactly *how* this young man impacted our sense of "getting away" for the weekend ~ for he was most certainly in tow!

Thus it was that I was forced to discovered, er, maybe develop a new couture ~ one that marries high fashion and infancy in one fell swoop. Let me illustrate:

As you can see, those spaghetti straps look stunning peeking out above the brass rings of that there wrap-thing-y I've successfully gotten myself into.

And here we have the Keller Boy, not impressed at ALL with the goings of of the elite crowd in which he discovered himself. Nope. It was nap time ~ even if only to pass the [boring] time away. He didn't sleep all night, though! Nope! Keller made his entrance in a stunning red vest and white button-down coupled with a pair of stylist black velvet pants.

Then, he began kevetching in such uncharacteristic fashion, that Gil and I were forced to share baby duty, just to keep him quiet! (Was he bored that bad? or could it have been a bit of teething practice? We may never know . . .) During Gil's watch, I suddenly had the presence of mind to realize I'd been failing in my customary bid to snap photos, and I'd better catch a few quick, if I wanted to document this monumentous occasion with the two men in my life! Here is the result of that endeavor (kinda):

Oh ~whoops! Looks like Gil has taken some creative photoshop liberty and brought, direct to ChoiceCentral, a photo that coarsely resembles my husband . . .er, at least I think that's my husband!?

Is it? You tell me: state in the comment section YES or NO. Then, to keep it fair for all guessers to be, email me at JaJireh [at] with the name of the person(s) you believe that mystery man to be. All who guess correctly will be sent the next in the podcast series: The Real Good News!

Now THAT, my friends, keeps life exciting. Not to mention your cranium in sharp-working order. ")

See ya on the flipside of tomorrow, with the lastest installment of . . . .[insert dramatic music here] the choices ChoiceCentral. ")


Angela Giles Klocke said...


Angela Giles Klocke said...

I had to come back and tell you how gorgeous you are in these shots. I got all caught up in the contest - LOL!

Temmy said...

I have to agree with Angela. The answer is no and the email will be forthcoming...

Dawn said...

No, but the man does resemble Gil. Unless of course the mystery photo is from several years ago...?

Kama said...

Wow! You do look amazing... and what an adorable little man your sporting in your maya wrap! (I don't know how I managed to care for our first four little people without mine!)

I have to agree with the others, NO that isn't your Gilguy and I'll now forward you an e-mail to tell you who I think it is :)

Anonymous said...

Nope, that's not your Gil Guy...
I'll drop ya an email.

You look stunning in your dress & maya wrap. Red is a GREAT color for you.

Jodi said...

that would be a big N O but the resemblance is uncanny.

DancingQueen said...

Um... No. But thanks for the brain workout!

D said...

you're gorgeous in your fancy, smokin' hot red dress, Sacajawea! ;-)

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