Saturday, March 22, 2008

Love Buckets

For the record, I'm an extrovert. Fueled by being surrounded by good friends and laughter is part and parcel of who I am, socially. It really is no suprise, then, that the gala event of hosting two guests back to back didn't phase me - it was the sandwiching of additional family events plus the boys trip to LA that stretched my limits of sensibility! LOL

For ease of journaling, and to keep my cyberfriends from reeling, I'll photodocument the entire social aspect of those two weeks here today in one fell swoop! Trust me ~ you'll thank me . . .since, as I've been told countless times: had it been anyone else, they'da never survived!

Come ~ take a little walk down memory lane with me, yes? Since the first shall be last, and the last first, let me introduce you to my friend Jules! A lovely sort, dignified by domestic prowess such as this beautiful wall hanging that she made, 'specially for me!

Jules goal in life was to bask in the warm, nurturing environs I create for the two infants that currently take up the majority of my time. [ahem] She found, however, that the laid back pace that she is most familiar with is a misnomer here in Mississippi, where "chop!chop!" is the going rate of speed of all things Angi . ")

I let her languish nary a moment! Among other things, we travelled to the French Quarter, New Orleans, to take in the sights. (The most recent edition of Konversation Korner is derived from our time there.) With us, we took my two adult daughters, shown below, in all their beauty:

Jules even survived the dinner table with all eight of us ~ barely!

I daresay she has been immensely impacted by time in our space . . .will she ever come back? This may be her only drawing card:



Just six hours before Jules arrived, my friend D left.

Yes. Six hours prior. D and I had accomplished great feats of 'cramming it all in' because time was of the essence! We did things like, meet Gil's family . . .

and go to Cafe' du Monde ourselves . . .

and go to the Rascal Flatts concert . . .

and drive down the highway with the DellDog . . .

Drive down the highway with the DellDog???


We did it all.

And then some.

I'd say my Love Buckets were filled. Hmmm . . .I dunno . . .maybe I need another dose . . .

A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24


D said...

awww...Jules looks fun! too bad I missed her. Next time we'll have to make it a "same-time" invasion! lol

oh, it's a new pic of my fave Mississip fam...

and my bed partner Dell.

ahhh - precious memories! Love you, ang!

D said...

and, Buzz! What a fabulous conversation and honor to meet Gil's fam! (big grin!)

flutter2you said...

One of the first things you said caught my eye.... "I'm an extrovert..." No, really????? You had to TELL us that???? LOLOL

Looks like a lot of fun - New Orleans... (memories X 2), conversations.... yup, could use a good dose of "Vacation with Angi" too - have to start planning one - but it won't be in the real near future!! So for now, keep the blog updated, and we'll stay in touch via cyberspace!

Joyce said...

I've got tears! Sweet memories!!

What.A.Blast!! And D... I thought too we could have shared that suite! :D

I know who will draw me back, you dear writer! Baby cheeks, fun & laughter with a wonderful family, warm sunshine -- ahhhhh! True friendship - Definitely!!

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