Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm Stuffed.

I've got so much rattlin' around in my brain on various levels; I've got loads of pictures yet to process and bring you I'm in a quandry. Where do I start? Is it even possible to catch up? Should I try, or start with a fresh sheet of 'from here on out' ideas to share with the blogosphere?

I could use quick speech and say I'm overwhelmed ~ but that's not it . . .I'm just . . .just . . .stuffed!

So I turn to you, my readership. Which cross-section of my varied life would YOU like to hear? What do you want an update on most? Should I chuck all the adventures from the past three weeks or so, and start fresh? What say you?

I think we'll have a little cyber-fun today, with an impromptu give-away associated wtih my blogopheric distress. For everyone who pipes up and gives me direction, I'll send you, via email one of my favorite podcast: The Real Good News: It's Already Finished by Unleavened Bread Ministries.

So, at the ready, readers!

Here are your choices:

  1. Konversation Korner (loveable pics from the KBoyz)
  2. What? You Had Company And Didn't Tell Me? (Yessiree. Two guests. Two weeks. Egads!)
  3. Wait! I Demand More Info On Hollywood! (The saga continues . . .
  4. Come On ~ Can't You Focus On The Homefront? (Gil and Angi out on the town.)
  5. Where Are The Big Girls? (The life and times of my adult daughters.)
  6. I Want Thought-Provoking Insights On The Lord! (I've several as of late . . .)
  7. Start Fresh, Girl. You're Overloaded!

To participate in the giveaway, please leave a comment in the comments section, then send an email to JaJireh [at] with the subject line stating, "It's Finished!".

I'll zip you over a great study ~ and we'll all be richer for it!


Dawn said...

I think you should do one or two days of all around "catch-up" on everything and everyone and then pick up with what is going on now. Well, that's my two cents worth. Have a blessed day!

fatiah said...

Can't I choose 1 to 6? I enjoy reading your postings and the photos you uploaded are beautiful shots. But if only 1, I pick Konversation Korner for more lovable pics of the kids. And your Keller is so adorable.

Beth said...

Nope...I want it ALL! For the blog-o-sphere I pick Konversation Korner with the KBoyz! I think we need to have a get together and you can just TELL ME everything else. We are all wanting to know about the Hollywood adventure. My KKids have been reading over my shoulder about their friend!

Shawna said...

Sorry, I want to hear about it all too! :)

corefoundations said...

I think you should do "bullet points" and cover all of them. . .

I have a son piping up in the background saying he wants more of your sons' exploits. . .

Crystal said...

Angi, it doesn't matter what you write about because you make everything interesting. :) I'd love to hear more about your Hollywood offspring & your big girls & Keller & Gil & even Dale & what the Lord is showing you & definitely about your visitors & anything else you'd like to reveal. I'd say you have a lot of writing to do. :)

Anonymous said...

ok lets look at this logically...if you do not get some rest and start over then nothing you convey will be the way you want to convey it anyway...leaving little pieces out...rubbing your neck as you as tired...contending with that feeling of I am not gonna get it all out and since we haven't seen it we can't miss it that much..just tell us about the things that we are going to be really confused about in the future if you don't give us details on them now...then take a hot bath grab a cup of hot tea and your new favie book and the blog crowd will wait while you regroup")
Love ya,

DancingQueen said...

Must hear more about Hollywood!!! Thought-provoking insights would be welcome, too.

Anonymous said...

Okay, time to prioritize.

1. Thought-Provoking Insights on the Lord. Always the best place to start. :)

2. Who were the guests? Have you been entertaining angels unaware?

3. Focus on the Homefront (Gil and Angi)

For ease of simplicity (and no squabbles) children in chronological order.

How's that? Does it helps? Hope so.
I've enjoyed the snippets of your life and thoughts that you share here. Blessings. SL Kanga

Charlotte from SL said...

Anything but 7. They all sound good. You can string them out and keep us coming back though.

Robin's Reports said...

Baby pics, Hollywood stories, Holy inspirations!

Robin of fl from sl

Choosinglife said...

Definitely want to hear insights from the Lord and Hollywood update.

Anonymous said...

Are you nuts?....All of them, of course. But start with Konversation Korner-the sometimes "misadventures" of Bruiser & Lil Man (Professor Keller).
Jamie (not really anonymous, just can't remember my eblogger password)

Joyce said...

ahem! Visitors!! :-)))

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