Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The DellDog Does NoHo: Part 4 -or- The Homing Device

The night had been full of excitement.
As the imagery of moments continued to dazzle and amaze our being, we knew that the final curtain was yet to be drawn.

No evening in North Hollywood would be complete without The Pick-Up. And, since this was Dell's first experience with The Pick-Up, it was only logical that the event be captured on film.

The love affair between boy and dog is ageless; the intense joy that the DellDog derives from seeing his playmate is discovered in the hindquarters of a stocky Schnauzer frame. First standing at attention, keen on the understanding that we've returned to the place wherein the Boy had exited the vehicle:
Then, followed by sharp yips of excitement, as his canine frame folds into full body shudders of uncontained euphoria ~ "THERE HE IS!! THERE HE IS!!"
Israel, equally delighted to see his companion, added to the commotion by including his own signature vocal response. "Dell Dog, how's my little London boy?"
Finally! All greetings complete, the thrill of adventure gives way to sweet dreams.
The presence of Israel a virtual homing device of safety and security and 'Home James."

1 comment:

Beth said...

Ah, the sheer delight of a dog & their kid companions being reunited! And the kids don't have to have been gone for very long!

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