Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Laugh In

Go ahead.


I did.

In utter self-abasement.

Upon arriving at a scheduled audition yesterday afternoon, and deftly accomplishing a parallel park, I turned off the ignition simultaneous with the horrific revelation:

I had forgotten ALL of the boy's required paperwork: headshot, resume, barcode.

I had nada.

Not one thing with me.

While I gasped loudly, Israel was a quick thinker. "Mom, they probably have a computer. We can print out my barcode."

I agreed wholeheartedly, but as a security feature, I put in a phone call to the manager.

Look for the computer it was.

By this time, my adrenaline was coursing double time through my body.

In all this time, I had NEVER forgotten a doc . . .not been prepared.

Traipsing up the stairs, we entered the office to sign in.

No computer.


Well, I determined, he's going in anyway.

Leaving the boy to read over the script, I headed downstairs to make a second phone call to the manager, Keller on my hip. Finishing that in record time, I made my hasty ascent to return to Israel's side.

As I did so, a father/son duo passed by, heading down the staircase to exit the building. I made eye contact as I continued to climb upward, and gave greetings.

Another step, and another individual coming down the staircase at me. I once again lifted my eyes in greeting.

This time, however, my step faltered, and immediately I was a tangled mess of flailing body parts as I very ungracefully fell UP the stairs ~ doing my level best to keep the baby in one piece, stationed on my hip.

Keller hung on for dear life like a champ.

The man made an exclamation of his own, as he watched with terrified expression, the goosey action that compromised my saving grace. The staircase handle finally found it's way into my hand, and I steadied myself.

Then, the rush of blood and even more adrenaline as I realized just. how. silly. I. had. looked!

There was no time to think about any of it though . . .Israel needed instruction from me!

The audition was in progress when I happened to look down at my key chain.

There, dangling like a diamond from the steel circle, hung my flash drive.

The flash drive contained ALL of the necessary documents, and could have been taken right around the corner and printed off in a hurry.


Oh well. Lasting impressions are hard to make.

I doubt that this one is forgettable.



Dawn said...

Well, it can only get better from here!!!

Annette said...

Oh you dear sweet lady. I'm so glad you didn't hurt yourself or Keller. You're a CHAMP of a mom. Your mothering is reflected in the faces of your awesome kids.

Annette in MN (however, have been in North Dakota for over a week)

Beth said...

I'm glad Israel was able to keep the audition appt.

I think we all have those days occasionally...some more than others!
I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself or Keller when you stumbled.

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