Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Train 'Em Up Early . . .

It set my heart a flutterin', the opportunity I had to introduce all things equine to my youngest child whilst we journeyed home recently. My passion for horses has been kept by the wayside for so many years, I've denied self time and time again. The result being that all of my olders have lacked for any equestrian training.

There is just something about the sweet smell of a horse, the softness of his nostrils, the heat of his breath, the doe-ness of his eyes, the strength of his muscles, the containment of his power underneath the reign.

Yes, I have desired that all of my children know the thrill.

Well, allright, so Keller doesn't look so thrilled. But it wasn't *really* about the horse . . .it was about his first-time-ever stuffy nose. Honest. And the Mississippi humid heat. It's true!

When I discovered Bethany's latent love, I was shocked to say the least. Yet after having met Ezekiel [Zeke for short], her handsome steed, I fully approve of her intuitive horsemanship and ability to take up the task of ownership.

Watching her in action, knowing that her movements were in a large part a natural, intuitive part of her being, my heart sang. Of course, Zeke cried. He didn't *really* want to take a bath! Like a toddler too young to understand the benefit, he balked. So, we brought in reinforcement:

And, just as a toddler will do, curiosity got the best of him.

"Say, Mister! Whatcha got there??"

Well, I suppose it's only fair. I want my son to know about horses. I guess the horse can be educated on the use of a cell phone.

"Hey Wilbur!"



Dawn Sodini said...

I am sure he will love it! We can't keep Josiah off of Popeye when we are at the ranch. Speaking of Keller's 1st stuffy nose I hope he is feeling much better. The flu bug has been being passed around over here. By the way we are fine - kept power all but a split second.

Beth said...

After our 2 week vacation to Alaska & Seattle we all have stuffy noses and coughs. I'm sorry Keller wasn't feeling well. We left Mississippi well and returned sick, I hate flying!

HUGS, Friend!

We saw the clip & photo on Israel in the paper. He is doing well!

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