Thursday, September 04, 2008

When Your World Crashes . . .

I had just been explaining to a friend the other day that, while I am madly in love with my fresh cup of coffee in the morning, I'm not necessarily addicted ~ I could/can/have gone for weeks without the delicious brew without any severe consequences. Perhaps a slight headache on day two or so, but nothing major.

I'm of the opinion the same applies to my computer. Since taking ownership of a computer in 1994, I've loved having access to all things cyber; self-educating in the realm of all things tecckie; and storing electronically. I use my computer daily in most cases, yet, when necessary, and often by the mere nature of my life, I might find myself away from my system for extended periods of time. {shrugging my shoulders} Eh. Okay.

Enter the dreaded Blue Screen of Death that intersected my smoothly running world 36 hours ago.

I am bereft.

Through no fault of my own (and I shan't blame my inexperienced daughter, on whose watch the BSOD entered my system) I returned home to my desktop in shambles, and I've been scrambling to fix it ever since.

Fortunately, I've been able to retrieve VIP data pertinent to my heart strings. Such as a gazillion photos of my son and grandson's actual birth and the days following. Bible study notes of my own hand, my own perusal. A host of other documents valuable to me.

Yet, the repairs have been painstakingly slow, and as of this moment in time, there is not an immediate repair on the horizon.

And by immediate, I mean in the next hour.

Perhaps by days end I'll be on my way to discovering my happie little world again. Time will tell, and my GilGuy (otherwise lovingly noted as McGilver) will be forthcoming with data information that will magically repair damage done.

In the meantime, I am compromisingly attached to my sons' system, in a comedy of errors sort of way that would have any haphazard passerby in stiches, should they be able to peer in the window and see me. Wires are everywhere, and my eyes? Red rimmed from the stress of it all.

One thing is for certain. I'm not spending too much time surfing right now. :D

To debugging and beyond ~



Joyce said...

Oh bummer! I've been concerned as you've been AWOL here & elsewhere. I guess my thought of an email would have landed empty as well.

((Angi)) Hope you recover all soon!

I still keep considering an external hard drive for back-up. What say you? ;)

Beth said...

I'm sorry your computer is having issues. I hope Your GilGuy is able to resolve the situation and have you up and running again soon.

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