Thursday, January 17, 2008

Opportunity Knocked

and opened the door.

We found ourselves supporting Aubrey's heartdream in a whole new way. What began as simple introduction to Community Theatre had morphed into an invitation to be put in front of over 40 top entertainment and advertising industry agencies via a ProScout Invitational Weekend.

Aubrey was ecstatic.

An opportunity not to be missed! Would we take her? Can she go? The only answer we had was a resounding "yes." The straightforward presentation from Marwan and Summer that night in Biloxi was refreshing. No hype. No emotional motivation. Just facts.

"The industry is not for everyone." Marwan had said. "It takes work, and committment, and dedication. Yet, if it is your dream, this is the way to receive exposure that works."

Soon, I became photographer extraordinaire. Gil employed is veteran PhotoShop skills to soften the makeshift background: a wrinkled plastic tablecloth. Together, we produced portfolio shots that made my heart pound!

Capturing Aubrey's photos had been the most challenging. To showcase her unique, one of a kind features, the appropriate angles were a must. Her natural beauty had to show through ~ her athletic physique revealed, yet maintain the girlish manner in which she still carries herself at fifteen. The end result? I felt as if I'd nailed it!

Israel's photos were easier. His innocence readily reverberated through ruggedly handsome features. All of this was aided by his innate clowning around nature. To capture him just-so . . .that was the task. The result? I recall gasping as I opened the top photo out of the digital rolodex that numbered in the hundreds:

It seemed inappropriate to send a full body photo of Israel in his most natural state, up in a tree, so I opted for this photo. Pleased would describe my thoughts:

It would appear we were ready to go. But not quite. Both of the children were required to select and present a monolouge. Pratice, practice, practice.

Finally, all the preparations were complete. Dell had been sent to DoggyDayCare. The gas tank was full. We were on our way . . .


Dawn said...

Wow! Fabulous pictures! Congrats to the two performers, it sounds quite exciting.

t.bird said...

Simply awesome! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for more!

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