Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Poochie Perspective

Everyone needs a break away from the everyday routine now and then. A tossing aside of the norm that creates an appreciation of the status quo; the in and outs of day to day living. Agreed?

The DellDog certainly thinks so. Going bye-bye is his favorite pasttime. His excitement in undeniable:

While most trips take him driving in an hour or an afternoon, there are those seasons where he gets to lounge in luxury . . .at the local Doggie DayCare. A kennel located in the country . . .a respite of a woodsie sort:

He knows when we've arrived. And he gets VERY excited:

As we traverse the long driveway, coming closer . . .and closer . . .

He knows he's about to luxuriate for days on end, being pampered by attendants, and sharing doggie sniffs with the other travellers.
He expresses dismay at my departure, yet that emotion is quickly displaced as the opportunity to run the backyard is presented to him. He suddenly misses me no longer. I'm a mere figment of his memory, a shadow of love cast aside.


Such was the case as we departed last week . . .

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Dawn said...

That's great that he loves the place he stays at. This post reminds me of the happy/sad feelings I get when I drop my son off at preschool. He just runs off without a look back at mom, so excited to be there.

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