Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Go Ahead. Laugh.

I did.


It was the last hurrah of an incredible weekend. The likes of which I'll be sharing here over the next couple of days . . .At any rate, by the time we'd completed the tasks at hand, a type of euphoria had settled over us all. We just *had* to celebrate.

Ummmm ~ here, in part, is what that celebration looked like:

Gasp! and EGADS! Sputter! and Spew! WHAT on earth was happening with me when she took THAT photo??? LOLOL

We laughed ourselves silly (well, for the record, I did ::SNORT!::). I felt it only appropriate to share the joy.

For all to see.
and Wonder about.

We walked into the Purple Cow and sidled up to the soda counter. Since we'd never graced said such establishment before, our motto was: let the adventure begin!

I, apparently, was the only daredevil of the bunch.

The only one willing to take a risk.

While the rest of the family conservatively ordered vanilla milkshakes and chocolate sundaes, I, Angi The Brave, took on the excitement of ingesting, of all things, purple ice cream.

As you can see, the results were quite, er, exceptional:

(Don't ask. I have no idea. No explanation.)

When it was all said and done, I can report that the purple ice cream was pretty tasty . . .and I'm glad to be home.

The future holds a new nuance of mystery and excitement. Would you like to take the ride with us? There will be highs and lows, turns and sharp cliffs. Long periods of waiting, and intense moments that hold us on the edge of our seats for days, maybe weeks on end.

If you think you are up for the journey, then climb aboard. But, I'll advise you:

You might just want to order the Purple Cow.


Paula said...

ROFL!!! You are a BRAVE woman and I LOVE these pics. I do have to admit, I'd have ordered chocolate too! However, if I'm going to continue reading your blog... I might just have to venture into one of those purple cows. ;^)

t.bird said...

That actually looks good. I'm just wondering if it's grape flavored or something berry. I guess I'll have to stay tuned!

Dawn said...

Those are some fun photos. I don't think I've ever had purple ice cream before. I'm looking forward to hearing about the rest of your adventures.

Kim & Dave said...

Purple Cow ROCKS!!!

I had it at my wedding!

Joyce said...

Does it taste purple? Or chocolate? Or was chocolate your second serving?

SO glad you are back.... prayers for your road ahead....?? :hug:

~ Angi :) said...

The purple cow was a vanilla ice cream dyed purple, mixed with grape soda.

Once mixed, it didn't taste like vanilla at all . . .more . . .well, berry-like, and I liked it alot! :)

While this was my first taste of purple cow, I did have a Strawberry Limeade at Sonic in my wedding gown, my husband in his tux . . .is this similar to your experience, Kim? Or did you actually SERVE purple cow to all your guests?

Prayer? Hm. Yep. and buckle up. :)

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