Saturday, December 02, 2006

Freedom of Heart

Gil has a penchant for creativity that runs deep.

It began with Aubrey's birthday, the mock Hillary Duff cd cover, where he morphed Aubrey's image, then added a spoof on the title, as well as various and sundry necessary party details.

I was searching for a fresh picture of the Dell-dog (who is interestingly hard to photograph with his dark tresses), when I came across this pic ~ another creative cd birthday invitation endeavor by my wowzer of a graphic guy Gil. ( you can view some of his amazing PovRay work on GilSilvers, his flickr site. link on your left.)

Taken less than two weeks before Hurricane Katrina, Israel's birthday party was only 9 days prior. Every party participant was given an honorary America's Pride t-shirt, also designed my none other than: Gil.

America's Pride runs deep.

As I drove out of the grocery parking lot today, considering the freedoms upon which this nation has been founded, our yet relative youth compared to the dynasties that have gone on before . . .My eyes filled with tears, and the powerful thought: may the banner of freedom yet wave.

Over the land of the free; the home of the brave.

And the heart of my patriotic son.

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Anonymous said...

this blog stuff is great!
miss you much!

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