Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vouge? Cosmopolitan? GQ?

He really wonders what the world sees in the likes of Brad Pitt. After all, who can resist his charm and physique in front of the camera? Let the adoration begin . . .the whole world has been waiting!

Yes, my debonair GilGuy just has a way of handling himself for the lens. He has a natural connection with "The Pose" wouldn't you say? I think it's in the eyebrow.

No, perhaps it is the jutting out of the chin, just so . . . or . . .is it the nostril flare?

As you can see, the professional mannerisms of the GilGuy only serve to reflect the high-end facility in which this photo shoot occurred.

Oh wait. I thought these pictures were being taken in New York.

Hey! Where's the professional?? And, umm . . . who is that little guy in the background? The photographers' assistant? Hmmm . . .

While Gil plays it up for the camera, the little assistant seems totally and completely bored . . .uninterested maybe . . .in the whole process.

Enter Hollywood Angst. How's a guy supposed to make it big if even the assistants don't adore him??


Dawn said...

Oh your husband is such a good sport! You are too funny. :)

Joyce said...

You make my day! I've given you this award for several good reasons... come pick it up on my blog. :)

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