Sunday, April 01, 2007

If I Lived In A Tree

Someone might say to me

"Get down from there! People will stare!
You're not a bird, that sings his every word;
You're a kid, you're a boy ~ being simply absurd!"

So, I'd consider a moment, the weight of thier thought,
Then I'd toss it aside, counting it as nought.

A bird is so free, and a tree a lovely place to be . . .
Why leave it to him to build a nest in the rim
Of a narled branch nook
When I can climb and enjoy
The shade from the sun while I read a book,
Or scout out the land
Seeing far and wide
People like ants
And the color of thier pants
My hideaway
High in a tree.

1 comment:

Aunt Karen said...

Please come down carefully - no more broken birds - be graceful as a bird in your descent -

This is SO YOU!!!!

Love you, Israel!

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