Saturday, March 31, 2007

Unsolved Mysteries

I've always loved a good mystery.

And within the past 24 hours, two invigorating mental challenges have come to the forefront ~ the possiblity that Thomas Jefferson fathered children via his servant, Sally Hemings; and the debate and discovery of artifacts leading to the possiblitiy of finding Amelia Earhart's remains.

I remember reading with great interest as a youngster about the numerous unsolved mysteries of our day. The intrigue still captures me, some accounts more than others, but mysteries bring out the sleuth in me!

Take for instance the current ongoing news story of Steven Haataja, newly hired college professor at Chadron State College, Chadron, NE. Seems in early December of 2006, Mr. Haataja disappeared without trace, or evidence of foul play.

Now, the silence of the agencies in charge of conducting the investigation is deafening. They are being very tight-lipped about the discovery of the body, and notably are calling it a homocide, leaving the rest of the frontier town to wonder.

This stunning information is heightened by the fact that this small, but vibrant and alive college town sees violence such as a stolen bike or a broken window as it's normal fare. Truly ~ I cannot recall any murder in that region since that of the Buettner stabbing in the 1980's.

So, why bother reading and following the headlines, the debates, the controversy?

I suppose it's a means to an end, when my personal hypothesis is proven right ~ or wrong, as the case may sometimes be.


I wish I had the same drive to discover the origin of the Mystery Meat in the fridge.

Back to you, Jane . . .

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