Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chicken Portraiture ~ For The Fine Hen In Your Life

It was that perfect light ~ you know, the moments before sunset when the brilliance of the daytime gives way to the warm glow of evening shadows.

I'd taken L'il Bonnie Blakely to Silver Oak Farm . . . mainly because she'd suffered yet another mishap with a neighborhood critter, thinking they'd snag an easy lunch.

Not so.

Not my L'il Bonnie Blakely.

She's the hen with nine lives (well, seven now, but whose counting?).

Day five of the recovery period left my little convalescent desirous of getting out an about, but she couldn't quite take Rudy the Rooster's insistence she join the rest of the gang in their free-range moments of afternoon bliss.  So she'd ran to me for cover and safekeeping.  That's when I decided she'd tag along for the ride.  After all, there was surely a turnip green in it for her.

Up we gathered the dog-crate-turned-chicken-hospital, and soon we were roaming the acres of sunshine and tall grasses.  Bonnie wasn't really interested in hobbling around, so I carried her under my arm until the saw horses under the oak tree.  What a perfect roosting place . . . and while I'm at it, I thought, I'll take her picture.

Bonnie was so co-operative, so  . . . involved . . . with the process that it hit me.

I've become Angi, the Chicken Photographer.  Fine Chicken Portraiture, for the discriminating bird in your life. LOLOL!!!


MsDeb said...

Very good idea, Angie! Did you see the picture of our rooster? I think he is so pretty! I put it on FB, I may try to put it on Google+.

Gift and idea said...

Wow this photos chicken is good, congratulations.

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