Sunday, June 05, 2011

Little Bonnie Blakely

I suppose it sounds like a morbid moniker (one could reference it to the demise of Bonnie Blakely of Hollywood fame . . .) but I mean no ill intent, as I find the love-phrase rolling off of my tongue as I check on and feed my recovering hen.  Try as I might to curb it, the phrase continues still.  Little Bonnie Blakely is a survivor, alright.  Hangin' with the Big Peeps, like she never missed a beat . . . (click on the photos, for an awesome up close, detailed treat!)

Even though she isn't moving at full speed yet.  :D

Little Bonnie is on the mend, and now fully integrated into the hen house once again.  Low on the totem pole though she may be, she is happy, and chirpy, and mobile enough to get in and get her share of the goods.  :)

Happy hens I have.  Yep.  Yessirreee.

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