Tuesday, June 14, 2011

True Photographical Education

If one wishes to improve their photography skills, may I make a suggestion?  

Photograph chickens.

Yes, I said photograph chickens.

'Cuz chickens are a dickens to photograph.

The staccato movements of these unusual, yet uniquely beautiful creatures makes the photographer work ten times harder than normal to capture the perfect chicken photo.  - And I ain't talkin' using the constant shutter release, either.  I'm talkin' deliberate, one-shot-at-time photography.

Don't forget the added challenge of taking the perfect photo through chicken wire, also!

It might just lead one to back off the hard stuff, and lean toward something easier, with a slower pace . . . like the turtle!

Yup.  If ya want a true challenge, turn to the chicken.  If you're looking for life on easy street, find the nearest turtle, and interrupt his trek for a few moments of fame.

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Link said...

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Thank you and God bless.

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