Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Grocery Game: A Month Later

I remember when I fell in love with the Black Bean.

The Black Bean was a tender, tasty morsel, snugly hidden within the delicious insides of Chili's Southwestern Eggrolls.  My BFF Angie Beland and I would dine on them from time to time, and I was always surprised at just how good those beans actually were.

These days, the pantry is scarcely without them, and they've been utilized from stem to stern in my kitchen, particularly since the $300 a month grocery budget institution began.  Black Beans are the Cream of the Crop when it comes to health benefits, they just simply can't be beat, as I've said on more than one occasion . . . but can you believe I've never made a Black Bean Soup before?

It's true.

I didn't want to recreate a spicy version of Black Beans in soup format.  Yet I've been intrigued time and time again by this creation or that ~ all wooing me to the stovetop to create a delicious harmony for the tastebuds.

Well, today's weather was just right for a soup of some kind, and as the times would have it, a friend had just gifted me with black beans, complete with a seasoning packet (of which I am now anathema.  or, something close to it.  LOL)  I decided today was the day.  I scanned carefully the seasoning packets' description of contents and was pleased when a ham bone was a great compliment to the mix.  There was no question now.  Black Bean soup it was.

I put the beans on for their quick simmer, and set out looking for a good recipe with which to create my new masterpiece.  I found it here, at Simply Recipes.  A few variations due to the contents of my cupboards, and before long, the house was filled with the aroma of hearty goodness.

This script did not disappoint.  I must say, it was fantastic over rice!

Beside this delectable soup peculated a new batch of Chicken Broth, and a set of Pork Ribs for future Chinese meals.

An overcast, windy, sometimes rainy Sunday made all the better by the warmth of a kitchen filled with wholesome foods, fresh as currently possible, and the knowledge that the price tag was pennies.

Not too shabby at all, in my book.  Not too shabby at all.  :)

The Grocery Game:  Black Bean Soup

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Missus Wookie said...

Do love black beans. My fav soup is nicknamed mud soup as it is puréed and slightly thick. But ooh so good and filling, a quesadilla on the side stuffed with spinach and tomatoes and I am a very happy Missus Wookie.

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