Saturday, March 10, 2012

Circling Back To The Ranch

I know.  I know.

It's been FORever.

You've missed me.  I understand.

Yet, the hiatus has been good for me, which translates into:  it's been good for you.  You know - in an 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' kinda way.

Ok, who am I kidding?

AWOL.  No excuses.  :)

The important thing is . . . I'm back.

It was a culmination of events, ending in my standing in my driveway, back sidled up to the big oil-drum furnace-stove the GilGuy had built, complete with chiminea, that was roaring with a heat sure to singe my bangs if I were to lean over the door . . . if I had bangs.

I considered how much we've done/not done at Silver Oak Farm.

I considered how boring the things we've done must be to outsiders looking in.

And then, I realized that I had failed in my mission to allow my readership to live vicariously through me, regardless the [non]adventure, regardless of if *I* thought a matter was redundant, or boring, or . . . I should allow Choosers to determine whether or not they find a story thus.

Then, this post was born.

Because I had photos.

Of my new chickens.

Er, make that almost-pullets.

And my lettuce.

You see, today I counseled a would-be blogger not to pre-critique her post material.  "Let your work be for you ~ others will take note and follow, or not; it's not about them.  It's about your journal."

So, I'm back.  Again.  Since 2006 I've graced the 'net with my thoughts.  Many a rest stop along the way.

Today, there's chicks to nurture, and lettuce to eat, and blogs to write, and furnaces to stand by.

Let the blogging begin.

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Monica said...

I'm glad you're back! Your (non)adventurous life is quite different than my (non)adventurous life. And I, for one, am quite envious at times. I wish I had the space and the time to grow lettuce. Your square gardens are an inspiration, but alas, I kill nearly everything I set out to grow. As for the chicks, I will live vicariously through you, as I am not a lover of fowl up close in my personal space. :-/

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