Friday, November 04, 2011

The Grocery Game: Day 25

Thank goodness for those Oatmeal Raisin Cookies!  They kept my engine running when there wasn't time to stop and do a full fuel of the engine . . .

I'm telling you, I've not worked so hard since we were putting up fence at Silver Oak Farm.

You see, My Son, The Actor is coming home next week.  He's been traveling the globe like a vagabond (ok, not really.  But almost.) and I've not seen him since the end of June.  It's high time he came home and took out the trash!  And the DellDog?  Despondent, I tell ya.  Despondent.

It all began immediately after he left.  I engineered a project that involved three bedrooms, a homeschool library, and the entire life belongings of Gil's Dad, which had taken up residence in my space while I was away. I was determined to reclaim those rooms . . . but life just continued to happen . . . and managed to bulldoze me right along with it.

So, having one room 3/4 finished meant two other rooms were 150% shamble-ized in order to accommodate almost finished room #1.  Week upon week upon week it stared me down, daring me to set at naught it's power over me.


I'm twisting it's arm, sistah.  No lie.  :)

I had to divert from the original plan, but no matter.  It's getting done, and that makes me happy.

So today?  Peanut Butter Toast for breakfast and last night's leftover chili for lunch . . .and supper!  It's amazing how far that chili went . . . four of us ate of it at supper, one serving for me at lunch, two servings last night ~ and that was the frozen batch!  :)  Not too shabby for my $1 bag of beans, eh?  :)

If I had gumption tonight, I'd toss you a few lagniappe recipes off the top of my head . . . but truth be told I'm slap exhausted.

After all, it's not every day one puts a 20+ year old dresser in decent shape out curbside, and has it picked up within the hour . . .  :)

And that was just the easy part.


Love ya, Choosers!  Let's make the most of our fridge this weekend!  :)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to pop in to say....

CONGRATS on your first eggs!!!!!

I'm impressed that you are able to let your chickens roam free. No chance of that where I live, though I do make sure that our girls get plenty of variety in their diet, and all the fresh air they can handle. Isn't it a great feeling to find an egg or two, carry it into the house and add it to the growing stash in the fridge?

Also, wanted to thank you for the inspiration your Grocery Game Blog has been this month....bit by bit I, too, am reforming how I cook. I've used the More With Less Cookbook for years, and have known that there were cheaper and healthier ways to cook, but never thought that I had time to cook that way. Your blog gave me the necessary kick in the again, I say thanks!

The one thing I can't figure out, is with all of the cost saving steps you are taking, where do you find the time to blog about it and write out all of your recipes?

One last think...I burst out laughing when you were describing your house see, I am in the midst of several like projects, with a deadline just two weeks off. much to do!!

Well, I'm off to soak my first bag of dry beans, wish me luck!

Thanks again, and many blessings,
Sarah, aka Perky7

ockta said...

gambarnya bagus"
foloow back yaa teman.....

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