Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Grocery Game: Day 29 (Sorta)

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet.

I know this because I managed to polish off that fantastic little Mexican casserole I made AND leap tall buildings in a single bound.  :)

I knew the weekend was going to be busy, what with all the preparations being made to give my son, the actor re-entry into all things Mississippi, but I wasn't quite prepared as to how helter-skelter the schedule was going to be.

Well, all that is over now.  The Boy is here.  The house is overflowing with every family member possible and life is loud and large right now.

Yet!  I have no plans of leaving you bereft another day without some morsel of frugal goodness to grace your family table.

So, the fantastic little Mexican dish, made with items you've already stored in the freezer (especially good the next day!), a fresh batch of drop biscuits, and a freebie recipe we lovingly call "Gruel" 'round these parts!  :)


City Cricket's Salsa, Mexican Casserole, Drop Biscuits, Cabbage and Keilbasa - The Grocery Game:  Day 29

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