Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Grocery Game - Day 24

Ok.  I'll fess up.

I'm a Chicken Broth Snob.

It's true.

Give me Swanson's, or give me death.

Well, I do suppose that's a bit drastic . . .

but it's true.

I've hunted the world over for a rich, fulfilling chicken broth and Swanson's has always come through for me.

But the price tag has gone through the roof.

And besides ~ why should I pay someone to make my chicken broth?  And why should I pay someone for a tin can??

The new $300 a month grocery budget set me on course for to find the best possible homemade chicken stock I could muster.  I searched high.  I searched low.  I then found Alton Brown's script . . . it still wasn't quite right . .. when suddenly, I found the Top Secret Ingredient.

It made my broth shine.

It added depth.

It added richness.

It added a pungently warm and soothing aroma.

It wasn't *quite* Swanson's . . . but it was WAAAAAAY better than any other C.B. I'd ever made.  Ever.

I was hooked.

I made it once.


Three times.

I even melded it with my Vegetable Broth script once.

It made me happy.

So I'm going to share it with you.  :)

My .16 cent eggs for breakfast (soon to become FREE eggs for breakfast) (I've now TWO hens laying!  YAY!) twirled my morning straight into a mid-day apple, which was to hold me until slighty after the noon hour for lunch.  I never got it.  (anyone surprised?)  Therefore, by 3 pm I was STAH-ving, Dahling . . .

 . . . and nothing short of an oatmeal cookie was going to hold me.  I could tell.

So, since I already had the Chicken Broth a-goin' on the stovetop, I decided I'd make an even bigger mess.

I pulled the remaining chili out of the freezer for supper, (I knew I'd be detained in the kitchen on the broth, cookies, and the freezer prep thereof.)

By the time it was all said and done, I had a beautiful, fragrant broth readied for the refrigerator, to chill, that I might remove the fat easily tomorrow, and stashed six cups (in two cup portions) of shredded chicken meat into freezer bags.

I didn't do the math on everything today, but the whole chicken cost me $5.  I'll get many meals out of it's sacrifice.

I salute the chicken.


What?  What's that?  You want to know what the Top Secret Ingredient is???

Well - what'cha waitin' for?  Go take a look!  :)

Savory Chicken Broth, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - The Grocery Game:  Day 24


gloria said...

I love Alton Brown (!), but I am excited to click on that link to see what your Top Secret Ingredient is... :)

gloria said...

Ahhh! I wouldn't have guessed *that* ingredient! Oh, I love it! There's a beautiful soup I enjoy making that features *that* ingredient, freshly grated into the veg broth, along with fresh garlic, leeks, diced sweet potatoes, sometimes cannelini beans, several other veggies... mmmm...

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