Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Grocery Game: Day 23

Can I just say what an utterly exhilarating, all the while exhausting few days it has been?

As I sit down to pen tonight's Grocery Game write up, I'm a bit chagrined.

You see, today?  I fell off the wagon.

It wasn't that I went out and bought any groceries . . . no . . .

The day had started out normal, and I opted for a couple of boiled eggs and a cup of coffee.  There was an appointment on the books, and the driving circuit I'd have to take meant that I'd be on the road quite awhile.

But then, a call came in to cancel the appointment.  Suddenly I had the afternoon free!  What would I do?  I knew I had a Chicken Stock on tap, and if I didn't make a batch of salsa soon I'd lose my tomatoes to age.

Suddenly, it was as if God decided I needed a little help on a long term project that was supposed to be short term, but turned out to be MEGA huge due to circumstances beyond my control, leaving me utterly overwhelmed.  I had all but abandoned it.

Then God.

God in the form of my daughter and a text message:  "Mom?  Do you need any help with that project today?"

The sun began to shine a little brighter, and it was obvious the Chicken Stock would not be happening.

Well . . . seven hours of hard labor later, I can attest to the fact that my daughter and I worked our patooties off.  And *that* was the reason for my wagon-hop.

You see, the apple I'd dined on for lunch wasn't intended to keep me for seven hours of hard, physical labor.  No . . . it was supposed to tide me over for about two or three, until I could get supper going, and I could begin munching on the veggies and what not I'd be preparing.

The weakness and faint feeling from hunger began about the time we were undoing screw number 75 from the wood frame of the item we were disassembling.

I knew I'd not make it through a dinner prep ~ not to mention a dinner prep seriously invaded our project steam.

So I made and executive decision.

I went to Subway.

[peeking through my fingers]

There.  I said it.

I spent fifteen dollars on two footlongs and four bags of chips (because I'd never make it home until I could open that sandwich, and the KBoyz were clamoring for them).  Tiffany and I scarfed those babies down (sharing with the boys, of course) and sighed a happy sigh of contentment.

Then we got right back to work.

This brings me to an important note about our grocery budget.  I rarely eat out on those funds.  Sometimes, yes, mostly, no.  Funds for meals out come from an entertainment side of our budget.  However, Gil isn't quite ready to call eating out entertainment, thus, a story for a different blog post.  :)  We've eaten out less and less and less and less this past year.  In part because of the national crunch, in part because of our goals with Silver Oak, and in part because of some financial restructuring we've done.

With the grocery items creeping up in price, it's served us well to limit our dining out (even though I miss it very much.)

So, I'm curious.  Do you use your grocery funds to support any dining out you do?  Do you dine out at all?

What about hard physical labor?  When was the last time you worked so hard you got giddy and laughed out of sheer exhaustion?  :D

I suppose I could post a recipe tonight.  I'll call it:  How To Drive To Subway.


Sleep well, Choosers . . . I know I'm gonna!  :)


Anonymous said...

I like reading these.

~ Angi :) said...

I'm so glad. :)

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