Monday, December 27, 2010

Poor DellDog

Poor DellDog.

He's paid a high price in the name of keeping (me) warm this cold, wintry Mississippi eve.  Oh, sure, he feigned cooperation, but I'm here to tell ya:  he had had enough of that consarned photographic contraption hanging in front of his nose, whirring and clicking.

Yup.  It was all he could do, not to reach over and bite the hand that feeds him.

Evidence is everywhere.

It began simply enough ~ I in my kerchief, and he in his cap, had just settled down for a  . . .  wait a minute.  Who are we kidding here?  I'd just returned indoors after taking this mutt  four legged friend of mine on his final relief break of the day/night.  The cold was so crisp it seared through my jacket, and drove itself into my lungs.  There would have to be some serious heating going on once we made it back inside.

The DellDog instinctively knew where we'd be setting up camp.  He got there first, but that slight delay on my part was only due to the fact that I'd spied my camera sitting nearby, and heard it calling my name.  I heard Dell groan from across the room.

He knew he was in for it, and there was little he could do about it.

And I, being the wonderful individual I am, took full liberty with his angst.

Of course, there were a few precious moments, ones in which he was a little less annoyed, and more . . . resigned to his fate.

He was very glad for the reprieve, when I discovered that fluffy textured socks make for some great close ups:

Yep.  It's cold here, Choosers.  Nothing better to do than to move in close and snuggle with the one you love.  Or find highly annoying, whichever the case may be.  :)


Stebenjoe said...


Oh, wait. I hope <3s are proper blog ettiquite? =-)

Anonymous said...

Funny... and look in the sock picture you got bokeh!

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