Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Foodie

It's long been known among our family ranks that the GilGuy is a serious eater of unusual things.  From seaweed to a gluten-free diet, he'll readily be found munching on a flax seed covered rice cake, while spurning a glorious, decadent chocolate desert.

Tease him much about it, I do.  I've even been known to be frustrated with his way ~ because I am a Foodie.

The revelry returns upon me, as Gil pokes me about my habit of finding a particular dish at a particular restaurant, and *only* ordering that dish from the menu, upon each subsequent visit.

Ah.  Yes.  Well.

When one finds what they like, why mess with perfection??  :)

Needless to say, I enjoy the commradarie and laughter that accompanies a good meal.  Gil extends grace to me in that area, and does a very good job of meeting my desire to take in a fine (and sometimes not so fine, like a greasy burger joint) eatery every now and then.

We've had a wide array of culinary experiences, the GilGuy and I . . . from the dandelion being skewered into my steak as we sat in the bank-vault-turned-dining-area; to the chasing down of the pizza delivery guy, asking where-on-earth-is-the-pizza-place?  Yes.  Good meals, bad meals, and meals in between.

It's all part of the adventure!

Last week, as we took in a meal at the House of Blues, New Orleans, and enjoyed a solid meal of Rosemary Chicken and Mashed Red Potatoes, then the subsequent concert, little did we know that in 24 hours, I'd be dining on a copy-cat recipe of Chef-Boy-ar-Dee spaghetti sauce covered stuffed shells. (ugh!)

The fine eatery we'd been referred to *obviously* makes it's living on the pizzas . . . which we did not order!  :D

Shortly thereafter, I took the ever-delightful Allison-serving-as-Nanny to supper at a quaint little joint on the corner.  We were stunned at the presentation and deliciousness of the Spinach Dip.

So much so, I found I simply *must* take a photo.  At the very moment the shutter snapped, I realized I've never blogged-through-the-eateries of any particular trip we've taken.


What a concept.

So, with a couple of weeks yet left in this particular endeavor by my son, The Actor, I do believe I'm going to do just that.

Because, after all . . . I am a Foodie.



Dawn Sodini said...

Sounds wonderful! The bank vault sounds especially interesting!

Maybe you could blog your grocery practices here and there as well!

Miss you! Hope your birthday was as special as you are~!

Cricket said...

Nooooo!!! Not blogging on the food! I'll try not to drool too much. :)

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