Friday, June 18, 2010

A Belated Birthday Blip . . .

So, we were waiting for the shuttle - a white, large passenger van - to pick us up from the "house like a hotel" (as Keller calls it!).  This activity had become routine, so it was not unusual that, as the nose came into view through the large plate glass window, my son, The Actor, and I would gingerly step outside to catch our ride.

As we did so on my birthday morning, the driver, a tall, handsome gent, stepped out of the drivers seat with some refuse.  Greeting him warmly with a smile, he waved in response.  Israel attempted to open the back hatch, but he found it locked.  No matter.

I arrived at the door handle on the passenger side, and pulled the handle.  It too, was locked.


I tried again, then realized the passenger side window was open.  I reached in, and flailing my arm, attempted to find the locking mechanism on the inside without actually seeing what I was doing.

No dice.

We had to wait.

Soon the driver was at our side.  I engaged him heartily.  "The door is locked!  I couldn't get in by unlocking the latch from the inside . . . do you have a button on your key ring to open it?"

"Well," he said, "How about we use this?"  He held up the key, and deftly slipped it into the lock.  Turning to the right, the door now slid open with ease.

I smiled wide at him.  "Thank you!"

At that moment, the door was at full jaw.  Splayed before us was a van filled with various and sundry golfing equipment ~ and I do mean filled!  Shoes, clubs, large black boxes . . . there was no end to the paraphernalia.

"Hey!  This isn't our shuttle!"  I exclaimed in awe . . . and then, in mouth agape wonder at the comedic sight I must have produced, attempting to break and enter a van not intended for us.


Yep.  That was the start of my birthday day.


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~snicker~ :)

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