Friday, December 05, 2008

Glute-Free Love

Once upon a time in my marriage to the GilGuy, I prepared delicious meals of savory sort, the likes of which were fit for kings.

Well, some of the meals were fit for peasants.
But pleasantly so, in their simplistic preparations.

At any rate, these savory dishes graced our supper table with flourish. The GilGuy, gracious was he, ate with relish the delectable dinner set before him.

Most of the time.

You see, he began to cut back, and declare he 'couldn't eat that' - the excuses ranged from "I'm allergic to wheat." to "No carbohydrates."

I felt slighted, rivaled and generally put out by all of this.

In years hence, I've attempted to understand, with varying degrees of success, his medically induced gluten allergy.

All of my consternation began to disappear one day when I discovered Bob's Red Mill. Browsing, browsing, browsing . . . recipe after recipe designed for individuals who are gluten intolerant.

I was stunned.

Call me sheltered.
Call me ignorant.
Call me in a state of denial.

I truly had no idea this condition was prevalent the world over.

Little by little, recipe upon recipe; here a gluten-free flour, there a gluten-free flour.
I began to shift and change my understanding and my attitude.

No longer was my cooking set at rivalry with Gil's purported needs.

Instead, I became equipped with the tools necessary to feed my husband savory meals fit for a king once again ~ with alternate ingredients.

I'm thrilled to do this, as no longer do I experience the gaunt reality of the GilGuy sitting at meat with us, partaking of a spartan corn tortilla whilst the rest of us dine on sumptuous fare.


My kitchen can sing again, of happy fare and warmth of hearth.

And best of all, the GilGuy gets Glute-Free Love.

*Homemade Runza's featured in today's post. Can you tell the difference between the regular pastries, and the gluten free?


gilSilvers said...

I love these gluten-free runzas so much, I'm moved to haiku:

Xantham gum and oats:
benevolent imposters
delight my kitchen.

Beth said...

They both look yummy. I think I'm going to have to find a recipe.

Sunshyne said...

Oh man. I love Runzas. I've eaten my share of them at the Runza in Omaha, but never MADE them. Great job, Angi. Beautiful pastries! And some made just for your guy. What a gal you are!

~ Denise ~ said...

nice literary reveal, cookin' chick! ;)

and, Gil...nice poetry. I just learned of that style and had my first attempt at.

Sharon (sk) said...

Oh my... I need a recipe please! Those look wonderful... never had them... want them... PLEASE. :)

Annette said...

ANGI! I didn't know you cooked gluten free. Three out of the five of us are celiac. Myself and two sons. I have gluten free sugar cookie dough in the refrigerator waiting to be rolled.

My mom just bought me a 5 lb. bag of gf flour called Tom Sayer. It's wonderful for baking! Guess what it cost... $18! Oh well, at least I can do some Christmas baking.

Let me know if you ever need any insight on gf products, etc. I would love to know what is in your Runza's.

Annette in MN

Java Jess Publishing said...

Can you share the recipe? I have been craving Runza lately but was diagnosed with gluten intolerance in January of this year so i can't go get a "real" one!!

~ Angi :) said...

Yes, Jess! Glad to! I use this recipe from allrecipes:

and, for the gluten free version, substituted the Bob's Red Mill gluten free flour for the flour in the script above.

Also ~ all other runza recipes are frauds! LOL This one is a *dead ringer* for those tasty ones back home in NE! :) Enjoy!

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