Thursday, December 04, 2008

I, Brutus

This morning I'd like y'all to meet Brutus.

Here he is:

He's a handsome Daschund, now isn't he? Well, it is a bit difficult to tell, I know, because the only part of Brutus that we can view is his beady eye and long-ish snout. Why is that, you ask? It's because Brutus finds it impossible to stay still. It's a coping mechanism designed to assist the camera shy, I've determined.

A n y w h o, Brutus belongs to my sister, whom you may recall from this post. Here she is, with her delightful husband in the background. They love each other:

Shortly after I posted about my sister and Max (God Rest His Doggie Soul), Max met with an untimely death ~ the likes of which put my sister under the covers (as it should) for several days, attempting to come to terms with her loss.

(She can still become misty-eyed over the memory of her L'il Man.)

Isn't my sister beautiful? We are so individualized in looks, and yet we look so much alike. Sharing the same DNA will do that for ya.

But, this post was about Brutus, wasn't it?

So, when my sister had sufficiently greived the loss of her beloved Max (God Rest His Doggie Soul), she sped out to the nearest Daschund supplier, and promptly replaced him with Brutus. (Now, I understand one cannot replace the lost loved one. Work with me here, people!)

Brutus and Max (God Rest His Doggie Soul) are decidedly different in temperament. Max yelped in terror at his introduction to the DellDog. Brutus sniffed him up like any brave, confident dog will do.

Max was a Wienie Dog in every sense of the word, running to Mommie every time Dell showed the slightest extra-hard wrestling moves that doggies are wont to do. Brutus held his own, and even offered to start the newest wrestling match a time or two.

So, by way of these two examples, one can detect the differences I've heretofore set forth.

Yes, Brutus is a fine specimen of a daschund, no doubt. Some even claim he has SuperDoggiePowers, like 'faster than a speeding bullet' 'n stuff:

Or that he is a distant cousin of the Flying Nun.

Me? I just wish he'd hold still for the camera!


Joey and Maggie said...

Extremely Cute!!

mideastmom said...

Oh, a dachshund! Bestill my beating dachshie-loving (and -missing) heart!

(If this tells you anything about my family's dog preferences, all of my children have been taught to identify the dachshunds in "Go, Dog, Go!" from the earliest of ages.)

~ Denise ~ said...

So cute! ..just like your sis. When you figure out how to catch 'ol Brutus in action....lend me your tips! I seem to have the exact same problem with never-be-still-faster-than-fast Newton. ;)

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