Tuesday, December 02, 2008


By the breath of God frost is given . . . Job 37:10

I caught my rest on the couch last night ~ the result of a determined toe-to-toe conflict with my one year old son. The moment this L'il Man begins sleeping through the night, I'm hosting a party. And you'll be invited. Just because.

Anyway, the couch method had it's perks. Seems I caught a more stable slumber than I've had in about five days, even with the Squawker Boy sidled up to me. The only loss I can count on my part would be the use of the body furnance afforded me by my husband on a chilly night.

Stepping onto the front porch first thing (relieving the DellDog, of course) I was greeted by a blinding array of diamond-shattered beauty. My breath hung in the air, and I was captivated.

This, Choosers, ends up being to your visual benefit all the way around - as a good night's sleep (no matter the place) turned to my clarity of thought to grab the camera while the frost still hung about, pristine in the morning sun.

Enjoy. :D


Robin's Reports said...

I'm so happy that Delldog is back.

Robin of FL (formerly of SL)

Karen/flutter2you said...

Okay, you have frost - that's something for Mississippi to see, right?

Today, we woke up to SNOW - remember rolling around in the snow when you were preggers with Aubrey??? Geesh!

Not near enough snow for your escapades, to be sure, but it's snow nonetheless - and it's MIGHTY COLD!!! Wind is a-howling, and a nice warm bed awaits - so I'm headed there shortly!

Missing you -

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