Friday, August 14, 2009


In case you hadn't noticed, it's Friday.

Friday, people.

The cliche' TGIF rings true for me today, as we complete our first. full. week. of. school.

I've been running a tight ship, the mongrel horde has been fairly compliant, and for the most part, there have been no major blow ups. (There was that one, just before supper the other night . . . but hey - school was officially over for the day!)

As is customary for our little homeschool on the Gulf Coast, at some point, my son cracks from the intensity of the rigour of it all. His creative side just can't stand another moment of structure. So, we end up in halarity, the likes of which I'm *certain* no other homeschooling family experiences, this side of the equator.

You may recall this.

Or perhaps this.

Well ~ as you've surely noted by now, you've been set up in the post for the obvious . . .

Two major, cataclysmic events happened at The Cracking of Israel this week. I hesitate to share. After all, it might just reveal, um . . . well, I have no idea what to call what it might reveal. {cough} Just be afraid. Be very afraid.

Are you ready?

Scenario #1: Input gleaned about a characters' actions from a Read Aloud, transferred into immediate action:

Evidently this character has been given a name, and a job to do, in a plethora of characters invented in some imaginary school in cyberspace. Coming to a YouTube near you.

and (as if that weren't enough)

Scenario #2: A science lapbook experience gone awry. Very. Awry. All those loose pieces of paper became, in the hand of a teen boy, a character to be reckoned with.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Choosers everywhere. I now introduce you to: {drum roll, please}

**MR. BENSON. (egads)

How, may I ask, does one parent Mr. Benson?

**Please note this is a spoof, no harm nor offense intended at any one.

Suffice it to say . . . I'm really, really glad it's Friday. :D

How about you?


~ Denise ~ said...

funny - I just texted someone TGIF and now see that's your post. wow.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... your life is not boring.

Jodi said...

I laughed so hard I cried, in fact, I am still laughing and crying!!! My word!!! He is hysterical!!! I love it.

I miss you guys. How is the beautiful family?

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