Friday, February 15, 2008

For The Rest Of My Cyber-Friends

Most of my homeschool e-maginary friends have already been put in the loop. I just couldn't pass the rest of the blogosphere by . . .the moment was too priceless - too shocking - too fun! (After all, it WAS a holiday . . .! LOL)

Yesterday's headline news:

Mayhem and anarchy have broken out in my living room! Egads!! We're reading an extracurricular biographical book on Ivan the Terrible for our Russia section . . .A normally quiet morning took an unexpected, crazy turn, and now I'm desparate to regain control of the classroom! Yikes! See for yourself:We had just finished reading this page of Ivan the Terrible, and the caption to this photo, which shows an Orthodox priest circa 1540:

Keller woke up. I paused to go get him, and bring him in the LR with us . . .When I returned, Israel was no where to be found. I called to him to come back . . .and, dramatically from around the corner, steps THIS:

He claims he's an Orthodox priest . . . I think more along the lines of a SWAMP CREATURE! LOLOLBut that's not all! Soon, everyone was in on the act:

Meet anarchist Dell:

and anarchist Keller:

In the midst of the chaos, I had almost decided that the day was shot . . .when my husband phoned with instructions to check my email.

Yup. The GilGuy saved the day. My heart was instantaneously waxed soft and mushy, and nothing else mattered . . .



~Angi, enhancing your blogospheric experience by revealing what REALLY goes on in those 'homeschool environments'! LOLOL

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Tim & Richelle said...

What fun! *SMILE*

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