Thursday, August 13, 2009

On-The-Go Gone Awry.

It was my first opportunity, of a matter of adventurous import. A 'don't miss it' extravaganza straight from Choice Central to you.

I blew it.

Missed it.


You see, over the weekend, I opened up ChoiceCentral On The Go - an experiment attached directly to my new phone. [click on the hyperlink to go there! Leave a comment! :D] Not that I needed a new blog . . . but, rather, I convinced myself . . . an extension of the existing one.

Tiffany and I were a-house hunting. She's in the market, I'm the quintessential voice of reason.

The realtor was the operational arm, ready to open locked doors with the click of a button.

I stood, phone camera at the ready as we walked up to the little bungalow in the cul-de-sac. I would photograph the entry, then blog via my phone to the service provided within my phone, and then voila! A true, bonafide, and legitimate test of the ChoiceCentral On The Go system.

Alas. The. moment. we made it under the awning, a torrential downpour occured (yes, another one!) It was so sudden and so forceful that we were all taken up with it, the three of us on the front porch of the cute little bungalow . . .

Soon, a problem emerged. The entry system, the 'click of a button' the realtor had, failed to produce an unlocked door.

I shoulda been blogging the whole incident. Instead, I was watching as gale force winds smashed against my car, causing it to rock back and forth, whilst the rains pummled it for all the heavens were worth, and MY SON WAS SLEEPING within the confines of said such car ~ hopefully blissfully asleep during the whole debacle!

Fiddling, fiddling with the key to no avail, we decided to jump ship . . . er, move on to the next place. The rains showed no signs of weakening, so we were forced to run to our respective vehicles in the downpour . . . our umbrellas carefully stashed under our front seats, no use to us at all.

Did I mention I was supposed to be blogging on the go?

The waters that raced down the sloped driveway pooled into a six inch deep well that was impossible to avoid. I jumped in, only to find I'd locked my car, and now had to fumble to get the key in my totally soaked jeans pocket.


We pulled out of the neighborhood and travelled west. Astonishingly, the rains stopped, and the sun came out, while the humidity began to climb.

What kind of freak instance was THAT????

And I failed. to capture ANY of it.


Where is my head these days???

It truly was an On-The-Go gone awry.



jmquilts said...

Oh ugh!! How awful! I think one would rather leave that memory behind and not keep it forever in blog central. :)

Happy house-hunting tho! Yippee!! :)

mary grace said...

You need your own film crew. Your voice-overs would be perfect. :-)

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