Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Strange and Mysterious Events

It was late when the GilGuy headed to the car, making an impromptu trip to town. That left the children and I home alone, a situation that normally causes no concern. Keller happily played in his bath water; Aubrey surfed the web; Israel was intent on getting the chords to his latest song just right on the guitar, so music wafted up the hallway, reverberating in the family room.

It was a peaceful scene, and, after a window of time, Keller was dry and in his jammies. I walked into the dining room, making mental note that Gil would soon be returning, when, without warning, the entire house went black as midnight.

Startled, Aubrey and I both exclaimed, only to have the lights return to their former glory, illuminating all. We looked at each other. As our eyes met, the inky darkness consumed us once again.

This time, Israel was nearby, chortling with creepy boy chortles, designed to instill fear in the heart of any listening.

The moment I corrected him ~ the lights popped back on.

Two more times, inexplicably, we were without power. No brown-out warning, no sound of nearby transformers blowing . . . nothing. Just darkness all around.

I wondered to myself if it were an accident that had caused the outage, when the GilGuy opened the door. "Hey! I saw some really weird flashes of light in the sky as I turned down the side road . . . I couldn't figure out what was causing it . . ."

As we explained our experience, we all chalked it up to transformers, due to lack of any other apparent reason.

This was the ending to my day.
You see, earlier, I had encountered a strange and mysterious creature sitting at my dining room table.

Reminiscient of "Jason" of Friday the 13th lore, (a horror flick I purposely DID NOT see while in high school, or the years after!) I was shaking in my shoes as the creature indicated he was interested in completing the school work of my son, who, only moments before, had been dutifully partnering with me in the task.

Frightened, I complied.

Yet, to my amazement, before my very eyes, the creature morphed!

No longer staring "Jason" in the mug, I now had another disfigured and gruesome creature as my educating companion.

This curious occurance leaves me concerned that the blackout we experienced in the evening hours was not transformers blowing at all . . .

. . . no, perhaps it was caused by the Phantom of the Homeschool . . .



Sharon said...

haha!! You are a riot! I can always count on you to bring me to laughter. :)

Israel reminds me so much of Peyton, on more than once I have walked in on her doing her school work only to find her with a paper bag on her head, or her feet bound by bright ribbons or bright craft feathers sticking out of every place on her body... gotta love it. hee hee!

knit1kids4 said...

I love your family stories... so funny, I want to be a part of it!

~ Denise ~ said...

Phantom, indeed! ;0

Luke said...


We've been having power fluctuations at our house recently, but those have been weather related now that Colorado has finally decided that we should have some snow.


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