Monday, June 08, 2009

My Life As A Caricature

It's rather fitting, really - the caricature depicting the love of my life and I - since my life seems to be on an exaggerated, careening trip into the summer months.

But hey ~ isn't that generally how I like it? A little on the wild side, with a dash of excitement, a pinch of suspense, and a splash of adventure?

Gone, it seems, are the languishing moments of a hibernated winter. It's time to get up and at 'em people!

For today, a fun survey:

In the above pictured caricature of the GilGuy and I, how would you respond to the following:

  • Does it capture 'us' as a couple?

  • Resemble each of us as an individual?

  • Does the GilGuy still look like Richard Dreyfus?

  • Do I look like Mary Tyler Moore?

Have fun at my expense today, Choosers. You know I can take it. :D

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