Thursday, August 14, 2008

Subtle Shift

As per our previously scheduled plan, I would be on the second leg of a flight by now. Plans change, they say. The only constant in our lives to be counted on IS change.

So, I've rolled with the punches.

I've leaped over tall buildings (and major airlines) in a single bound.

I've successfully rearranged and recalculated and reassessed.

We're "on board" with the new plan.

I'm keenly aware that the Lord has wired me for situations like this. The ability to bend and flex and go with the flow is innate. I've spent my life on one adventure after another due in part to this trait. It's curious to a degree, it's comforting, it's refreshing; it's amazing to some; and maddening to others.

I'm appreciative of the Lord's gift. I really am.

Yet when the sun peeked through the shade this morning, I immediately had to reset my expectation clock ~ without doing so, the imagination of the warmth of Gil's arms around me; the squeal of delight at seeing KeetBeet again; the deep, loving, hug that says 'I missed you' to my big girls would seek to swallow me up. My emotions would run amok, and who knows how I'd function today.

Thankfully, the readjustment was swift. We've got things to do, people! Places to go! People to see! Chop! Chop!

Once again, time marches on . . .


Annette said...

Oh, going with the flow...I'm absolutely certain you are much better at that than I. May the Lord direct your path and shine His face upon you these next few days/weeks whatever it is until you are able to journey to your earthly home.

Beth said...

I ditto everything Annette said...with a resounding AMEN!

sharon said...

Wow... You have been on my mind all day! Then I see your precious on TV... then I blog surf and find you here, I had to read several times to make sure that you were you and not just someone who looked like you, haha! (((HUGS))) You are beautifully wonderful! :)

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