Sunday, June 08, 2008

The [Paparazzi] Empire Strikes Back

Notorious for stealth shooting photographs when one feels *most* protected and at ease, it should be of no suprise that the despised yet secretly loved gypsies of stardom should strike again, when we least expected it.

Fortunately, Keeton had been properly versed in the matter by his uncle, Keller, some days prior. Therefore, heading poolside for an afternoon sunbathe and swim posed no particular problem for the up and coming star of KBoys "Konversation Korner" fame.

His security?

Those shades.

Gotta have 'em.

Thankfully, the paparazzi had already vamoosed when that cute babe of a 9 month old arrived, all dolled up in her pink bikini. The Star Magazine would have jumped all over photos of that sort . . .and who knows what type of gossip they'd spread!

1 comment:

dawn said...

Did the boyz take a dip and cool off? Too cute in Mama's shades.

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