Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Serious Business . . .

this cherry picking business.

If it weren't for the Cherry Pickers of the world, we'd be bereft of those deliciously edible and tasty bing cherries we're so fond of.

We decided we needed to give 'em a hand this year. Even if just to show our appreciation. Of course, we may have been much more keenly concerned with giving an appearance at the orchard, than actually getting down to work to pluck those juicy globes from their branches.
But . . .no . . .wait a minute! We'll be the advertising campaign models for the industry! Yes!
We're so smart. (And serious about this cherry-picking business, you know.)
Case in point: Glamour Girl Tiffany, arrayed in the latest fashion statement, prepared her cherry-picking bucket like a pro.
Yes, it was all about the latest cherry picking fashion, my friends. BeautyBeth models the cherry picking seasons' greatest little sundress.
No proper advertising photoshoot would miss the Cherry-Picker-In-The-Branches-photo:
And, every good advertising campaign adds a model to appeal to all generations of would-be-Cherry-Pickers, too, I might add:

The ever popular These-Cherries-Are-Succulent photo is very important:

As well as the Down-To-Earth-Girl-Picks-Cherries-With-Delight photo:

Yet when the day [er, hour] was over, and we'd carefully avoided any cherry stains on our sundresses, our fingers, AND our teeth, the true form of art was found not in front of the camera, but behind it.

BeautyBeth utilized her artisian sense of depth and color to capture our harvest glean at the weigh station.

I must say. This cherry picking business certainly is serious.

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Oh Joy! said...

very serious, indeed.


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