Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Quest For The 4077

The GilGuy is extraordinary. An 'internet' surfer before there ever was an internet, he can locate just about anything his little 'ole heart desires. And usually, that means something for me.

I really wanted to do something different while my Mom was here. Something, say, off the beaten path. But try as I might, I just. couldn't. find. what. I. was. looking. for.

It couldn't be tourist-y.
It shouldn't be run of the mill, or something she's already done.
It certainly should be a memory maker with a punch, a fun component that would serve as a bookmark in our minds for years to come.

The 'net was dishing up nada.

Enter the Extraordinary One. In a flash, he uprooted a website that served champagne and caviar! As I browsed the contents, I smiled contentedly. Surely, out of this fantastic offering, we could settle upon a venue for the day.

{enter dramatic music here}

It was The Quest For The 4077.

You may recall the long-running hit television series. Alan Alda and Loretta Switt to name a couple big names from the hit.

Yes, M*A*S*H* was forever etched in my mind. It probably shaped some of my humor, it definitely served as a staple of weekday tv fare. So, this website says, of all things, that we can take a delightful 35 minute/one mile hike to the film site of the now infamous show. As a matter of fact, just February of '08 saw a reunion of the cast in the area, and they had pictures to prove it:

Bingo! We were on our way! The drive to the locale was a breeze; we had the sun and no clouds; and we were happy. Of course, the trailmarkers were a bit unclear, however, speaks with Ranger Renee solved that little problem. We were off! You can see we had beautiful panoramic vistas to behold:

And comfortable hiking conditions:

And an attitude of frolick surrounded us:

Here are some of the beautiful sights we saw:

A babbling brook ~

and canyon crevice rock ~

The path began to gain a bit of steepness, but we were up for the task. Particularly since we were willing to work as a team:

Whew! Making it up that incline was a bit more than I'd anticipated! I had to stop for a breather. Not that I'm out of shape, or anything. I just, well, needed a rest.

Besides! The view from up here was SPLENDID!

Gaining our breath, we continued onward. Around a curve, up a quaint knoll. We were working those major muscle groups in pleasant fashion. Yet, we were quite intrigued when we saw the Arabian appear from about the corner.

She was covered in a light sweat, as though she'd been working, but she wasn't drenched. As a matter of fact, she was rather spry. Peppy, and all. The kind gentleman giving directions mentioned that we'd have to continue upward and onward!

Easy peasy! So we set out to continue our journey. But what was this?? A "Y" in the road? Hmmm.

We'd need to consult a map about this. No one mentioned the fork in the road . . .

{insert dramatic music here}

{voice over dramatic narrator here}

Will they take the right turn? Will they make it to their destination? Will they still love each other when they arrive??

Stay tuned for our next episode of: THE QUEST FOR THE 4077!!


and that is all I'm going to say about that for today ~



Wendy said...

That is just a little bit wrong to leave us in suspense like that. ;)

You do know how to keep your readers coming back.

IsAMom said...

Thanks for sharing the journey. I was there when I lived in Manhattan Beach, oh, about 15 years ago. My goodness, time flies. I was 25, single and on a date. :)

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Am I correct in saying that fires have been through the area withing the last 10 years? I thought the MASH site was one of the areas affected by fire. Could be wrong.

Have a blessed day.

Annette in MN

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