Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Quest For The 4077 continued . . .

When we began our alleged thirty-five minute, one mile walk to the film set of M*A*S*H*, the crowds came along with us. Wide was the path ~ a host of folk were gaily enjoying the Sunday summer breezes. But once we had made our choice as to which direction we were to go at the fork in the road, the company began to slim considerably.

This should have been our first clue.

We were distracted by the beauty of nature all around us. Reaching the oak covered bridge, we stopped to take in the refreshing sound of rushing water, and cool ourselves in the shade.

The cattails stood tall in the water, taller than any of us could have ever remember seeing. It was the perfect moment for photos:

Yet the trail beckoned us to continue - even though the pathway seemed to have lost some of it's definition and width.

We soon found ourselves hemmed in on one side by a steep rock-laden cliff. Israel, of course, felt compelled to scamper it:

It was about here, at this juncture, that Keller could no longer tolerate the jostling. Even though we had an all-terrain stroller, the rocks from the dry riverbed were large and looming. A L'il Man can only conk his head on the side of the stroller so many times before he lets out a protest! {Insert "HURRAH!!" for Grandmas here}

It was just as well. Very shortly, we would be carrying the stroller . . .and as we rounded yet another shade covered corner, Keller, his instinctual survival skills in a heightened state, took one last look back at the wide path . . .

And very soon, even DangerBoy would hedge just a hint of concern/foreboding about how this was all going to turn out in the end:

Yes, the afternoon was becoming a bit more than we'd anticipated.

Would we soon be in need of our rusty survival skills?

Hey! Did you hear a helicopter overhead??

. . .to be continued


Oh Joy! said...

You need to become an author. I enjoy reading your blogs... and that boy... gosh... he's so cute!!

Wendy said...

I can't wait for the next episode!


dawn said...

Can we skip the commercials, please?

Joyce said...

I'm with Dawn! :)

Do you really think you need to sleep & go to the bathroom?

IsAMom said...

Can you say ... DRAMA!

That picture of Israel is gorgeous. He is soooo handsome.

Annette in MN

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