Sunday, June 01, 2008

Interviews of the inDellible Kind

All he needs is a pipe, a pair of 50's style heavy rimmed glasses, and a smoking jacket. Oh, and a British accent. PBS could have a star on their hands.

It was a close race, but Dell's "interview" picture came out on top.

No doubt he'll need to be interviewed, after this adventure is said and done! Oh, if dogs could talk . . .what tales they could tell!

Having my Mom arrive late last night put the DellDog over the top in terms of excitement! He's sure to suck up all the extra Grandma cuddles he can get for himself~ second in line of course to Keller, who is gently taking to the idea that this other woman in his life could possibly has some kind of benefit to him. ")

So, since we've a full agenda today, and you all are wishing I'd be quiet and just announce the winners already, I'll do just that. Planning on snapping a few pics of our day, to mesmerize you all tomorrow am.

And IF you're lucky, I *might* just tell you about my run in with Johnny Law. *Maybe*. *If you're good.* We'll see.


Ready? Will the following fantastic choosers please stand up! -er, send me your addy to JaJireh (at), to receive your happie!

KAREN: flutter2you! and



My lifetime friend (rockers and all!) and a new friend in the past year or so! What a winning combo!!!

Til tomorrow, top o the morning!

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