Monday, March 31, 2008

Love At First Bite

It's always been his way - to nudge me awake before the birds are even singing for an early morning date. The promise of a pot of coffee that I didn't have to make, complete with French Toast or some other savory delight mere moments away . . .if I'd only get out of bed.

Stirred by my intense love for him, and the desire to spend time in his presence, free from the usual press of our home, I comply. Esquisitely romantic memories flood my mind on these occassions. La Madeline's in Baltimore; Copeland's at various locale; and the hole-in-the-wall diner along a backroad, serving coffee since 1945 the same way, same faces.

It has always been wonderful. It still is. Today, however, there is a new glitch. A new order, if you will. There is the matter of a wee little man who has entered our world scene:

Keller St John has been a show stopper ever since he arrived. First of all, his Dad and I are completely enamored with him. He wakes easily on these o'dark thirty occasions, and seems quite happy to tag along for the ride.

However, he does prove to be a distraction of sorts betwween us. Instead of looking deeply into one another's eyes and cooing, we are now coaxing coo's from the little boys' being. Interestingly enough, he complies. Just enough to keep us egging him on.

The real issue is, however, that Keller seems to have taken a liking to a cute waitri at one of our frequent watering holes. His heart skips a beat when she arrives at the table, and soon it is not a quiet romantic type of breakfast at all. Three might be a crowd, but now we've got chaperone duty to boot!

Of course, no one seems to mind ~ even the customers waiting patiently at other tables. They all seem to intuitively sense that love is in the air . . .

Have we fostered an environment wherein the KellerWellerBoy will grow and mature to dote on his future bride with such extravagance? There is only one way to find out: Keep nurturing those special early morning dates, my Love.

Example is the best teacher. ")

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