Sunday, March 30, 2008

Who's That Hero?

[On a quiet spring morning in rural Mississippi, Keller is taken by suprise at the loud crashing noise above.]

"Wha?? What was THAT?"

[Camera pans upward, to display none other than the ferocious Velocaraptor!]

"Grrr! Growl! Hiss!"

[Undeterred, Keller takes immediate defensive action!]

"Take THAT, you mean old Velocoraptor!"

[His superhero work done, Keller takes a moment to pose for the papparazzi.]

"It was nothing. Really. Just saving mankind. It's what I exist to do."


Tim & Richelle said...


I'm tagging you... I'm sure you've been tagged before, but I'm also sure you'll come up with some entertaining random facts... hope you don't mind. :-)

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Joyce said...

You're the MAN, Keller!!!

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