Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Can You Say "Field Trip" Boys And Girls?

A shift from the ordinary is always refreshing. Especially when good music is involved! It all began with this man:

I do believe you've met Doug before. No introduction necessary. :)

Yet, it was his idea and action that catapulted our fellowship family into the back roads and bayous of Louisiana for a little adventure. Here several of us are . . .ready to hit the road:

We were headed west to see none other than Andrew Eastmond!

It was a trip marked by the beauty of the heart, as Andrew skillfully played his stringed instrument in praise and honor of the Most High God. His guitar of choice? A gift from Doug. Here it is, as Andrew's son (the blonde) and a friend admire it's rich, resonating sound.

Andrew opened the Scriptures to us, both in song and with his voice, challenging the Body to walk as Christ walked.

Who knew that a back-woods bayou would hold such a blessing?

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Oh Joy! said...

Wow. You've got me wanting to get one of his CD's... thanks!!

How do you order?

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