Monday, October 29, 2007

Whirlwind Weekends and Wonderful Guys

{pant! pant!}

Give me a minute to catch my breath!

Could we possibly fit ONE MORE task into a jam-packed weekend? I"m actually looking forward to today ~ I need the REST!! LOLOL

Meanwhile, I've just got to send kudos out ~ just in case anyone is interested.
You may recall my friend Doug. If not, or if you need a refresher course, please take a gander here.
Well, let me tell ya. This weekend, I had occasion to see Doug TWICE. The first time [and this is NO JOKE!] Doug was wearing a SUIT, complete with a TIE!!! Omigosh! I have NEVER seen Doug so duded up! [I wondered if he'd secretly found his Beloved Bride, and we were arrived for a clandestine wedding . . .alas, that was not the case!] Anyway, he looked MARVELLOUS dah-ling! I was some impressed.
THEN, as if it were not enough, Doug arrives to fellowship in slammin' rustic/fall weather gear. He truly was the epitome of handsome and well-dressed.
I think it's time to get this guy married off. He's available, ya know!
However, the thing that MOST sets Doug apart is his heart. You see, Doug, following the prompting of the Holy Spirit, generously gifted Andrew with a new guitar. Andrew was free to do with it what he wished. Sell, give, use . . .it did not matter. Doug gave his best gift, and the Lord blessed Doug tremendously.
Seems Andrew fell in love. And has a new favorite guitar upon which to lift up praise of the Most High.
An analogy of sorts, in Doug's search for his Beloved? Maybe so . . .


Kim & Dave said...

Alright. How about my sis? Single, age 34, wants to be a wife/mother. Loves the Lord Jesus!

dehanson1 said...

hmmm...shes cute...where does she live?

Kim & Dave said...

CO. I sent her e-mail address to Angi.

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