Monday, October 29, 2007

**This Just In . . .**

Ah ~ the delicate parlay of word-play among friends.

I entitled a post:

You Are Welcome To Comment On the Delicate Beauty Of My Ear All Day . . .that contained an imbedded photograph, namely the ear picture on the left.
Quick to hear, and quicker to quip came her response:
Oh the delicate beauty of Ange's ear,
Shell-like in a wonder and tan like beer,
That wondrous contraption that helps her to hear,
Dainty and tiny, compared to her r...
Fortunately for my Aussie friend, I have a tremendous ability to laugh at myself.
Regardless of my [ear] size.
Thanks for the FANTASTIC laugh, Amy! :)


Kim & Dave said...

I missed that part of the thread!!

Too funny!

The earings are pretty!

(BTW, I have added the link to your blog to my blog)

Kim & Dave said...

Thought I ought to add...I'm KIMBO1 from the SL forums.

Not thinking too well....blame it on "adoption brain,", the "leaving for Guatemala w/ a husband & two kids in a week & a half" brain! :-)

Kris said...


Wendy said...

I loved Amy's comment.

Alas, I am not given to the talent of prose. I must continue to communicate visually.

HRH Wendy

Queen of Smilies

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