Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Dynamic Aviator

Pour yourself a cup of coffee this morning, o Choosers. We'll be continuing yesterday's field trip via photo journalism.

At it's finest, of course!

After the Andrew Eastmond adventure, and a good meal, John, the dynamic aviator invited us over to his pad . . .er, I mean, hangar, to meet his love. Er, I mean, see the plane he flies.

We said yes! I thought you might like to join us, since I *did* tell you I'd share more about John . . .

Oh! Here he is now, about to open the cargo door:

Ah! There he is again! This time, opening the cockpit.

He's going to let us all climb aboard! Israel will go first:

Ummm . . .Israel . . .I *think* yer supposed to get out the OTHER way . . .!

Mia will go next:

Heck, even Dawn was feeling adventurous! Hi, Dawn!! :)

Of course, there are plenty of other parts on a plane . . .and no educational field trip is complete without gazing at them all. Richard and Aubrey pose pretty, like they understand all the gizmos:

Chris discusses the pros and cons of having propellers on a plane . . .he decides they are pretty useful. ")

Is anyone feeling as though we are watching an episode of "Home Improvement"? Tim the ToolMan Taylor comes to mind . . .

Uh . . .Israel . . .what daring thing are you attempting to do now???

Yep. We were impressed. Even if we didn't understand all the lingo and gadgets and gears and stuff.

We were impressed because John knows his stuff. He's a real likeable kinda guy. Humble, sincere, a Christ-one . . .well-traveled and adventurous. Oh. And he likes to fly. Did I mention that?

Yes, John truly is the dynamic aviator of the bunch. I think we'll keep him around for awhile. ")

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