Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tsk. Tsk. I've Been Remiss . . .

To mention any word of how the DellDog is currently coping with any of this new baby business.

As you will recall, Dell had quite the emotional upheaval when Keller arrived, and he stuck like glue to Gramma Val's side.

I'm happy to report that his gloom and Dell-spair seems to have subsided, and he is now living large in the big house, happy as a clam to be enjoying these new-found freedoms:

  • Regular overnight stays in Israel's room, sans the crate.
  • Frequent trips out-of-doors to enjoy a playful romp sans leash.
  • Several evenings of gourmet fixin's: i.e. canned [read moist!] dog food (of course it was laced with his six month wormer, but shhhh! don't tell!)
  • An overall renewed sense of belonging and placement in his pack . . .er, I mean family!

As you can see, membership has its' priviledges.

The moral of this post? Don't be fooled by the longing look of sadness in those eyes.

It's a ruse.

The DellDog is dell-iriously happy with his lot in life.

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